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Since our humble beginnings in 1994, we have been innovating with times to keep abreast of the latest developments in the F&B industry, so as to provide you with the leading edge that you seek to stay ahead of competition. As a one-stop commercial foodservice provider, we specialise in supplying kitchen equipment and customising stainless steel fabrication, as well as providing foodstuffs and dry food provision to our international and local clients.

With a qualified team of professional and experienced technicians that is always readily at your service, we are your most trusted partner in business. We ensure that any equipment breakdown is responded to as soon as possible because your business is as good as ours.

Whatís more, our commitment to you doesnít just stop here. We understand the need for quality products, in order to produce premium gourmet masterpieces. Thatís why we conscientiously study market products available to sieve out only the best and most appropriate equipment that can satisfy your unique business needs. In line with our quality philosophy, we import and export only very exclusive kitchen product and dry food range.

You would think that all these would come at a high cost but the most heartening part of it all is that we provide competitive pricing that gives you the best deal for less. This is how we help to turn businesses around. And this is how we create a turning point for your business.

At Junction Xervices™, we value C.R.R.I.Q:

Commercial kitchen equipments
Customer Satisfaction
To us, customer endorsement is very important. Thatís why we seek to please our customers because a satisfied customer is an accredited business partner.

Commercial cooking range
We respond promptly to our customersí enquiries and provide efficient equipment services within a short turnaround period.

Stainless steel equipments
We respect our customersí decision and needs by providing them with only what they need and nothing else.

Stainless steel equipment
We are a market leader that set trends because we have been in the industry long enough. Integrity is what keeps customers coming back. It takes us a long way.

Junction Xervices
We believe in upholding quality. Only the best quality products can yield the finest results.