Model BPM-30G / 40GEclipse Braising Pan

Braising pan shall be a Groen Eclipse™ Ergonomic Tilting Braising Pan BPM-30G or Model BPM-40G, gas-heated, manual tilting braising pan (specify 30 gallon) model BPM-30G or (specify 40 gallon) model BPM-40G with 10” deep pan on a rounded leg stand.


Model DEE/4Floor Kettles

Kettle shall be a Groen Model DEE/4 (Specify 20, 40, or 60 gallon) stainless steel steam jacketed unit, operating with an electric heated steam source contained within unit.


Heavy Duty Griddle

The HDG series griddle is designed for medium to heavy-duty applications. New snap-action thermostatic controls provide precise temperature settings of 150° to 400°. A 1" thick steel griddle plate means quick recovery and even heat on even the fullest loads.


S-Series Restaurant Range

The S-Series restaurant range offers a quality, versatile range for commercial foodservice applications. 24", 36", 48", and 60" widths and a number of top configurations are available. Configurations include combinations of open burners, griddles and hot tops.


AR-7EElectric Rotisserie

The Alto-Shaam electric rotisserie is constructed of a heavy gauge, non-magnetic stainless steel with a sealed cooking chamber for heat retention. Lowe glass on front includes a handle with magnetic door latch. Spit rotation is controlled by one (1) 1/2 hp motorized disk that provides an incremental rotation jog and automatic stop when door is opened. The cook temperature range is from 250=C2=B0 to 425=C2=B0F (121=C2=B0 to 218=C2=B0C). Additional electronic control features include temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


1000-BQ2/96SHot Holding Banquet Carts

No moisture pans, water or canned heat needed
Non-magnetic stainless steel interior resists corrosion
Holds preplated food fresh, flavourful, and hot
Full perimeter, wall-friendly bumper, transport handles, and heavy duty casters


Self Cooking Centre whitefficiency 61E

Self-teaching operation, automatically adapts to actual usage
7 cleaning stages for unsupervised cleaning and care - even overnight
Soiling and care status are displayed on the monitor
Individual programming of at least 350 cooking programs with up to 12 steps


CombiMaster Plus 202 E

Interface USB
Probe for core temperature measurement
Individual programming of 50 cooking programs each with up to 6 steps
5 air speeds, programmable

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