Beverage & Cold Equipments

Junction Xervices™

Orange Juicer

A juicingsystem that is unique in the world.The fruit is cut in half and squeezed without the juice coming into contact with the peel,thus avoiding it beingtainted with any oil or bitterness.Quality juice with 100% natural taste.
Junction Xervices™

8740 Three & Five Gallon Automatic Tea Brewer

Bloomfield’s Automatic Tea Brewer is designed for ease of operation and service with technician-free installation and start-up. It provides an economic and foolproof way to brew perfect tea, each and every time.
Junction Xervices™

8542 Pour-Over Lo-Profile Coffee Brewers

If you’re looking for rich, flavorful coffee but are tight on counter space, plug in the Bloomfield Lo-Profile Pour-Over brewing system. At a little under 17” tall, it’s short in stature, but long on features. Like all Bloomfield products, this proven, efficient brewing system is designed to take advantage of the finest electrical components and has the lowest service cost in the industry for this type of brewer
Junction Xervices™

Vita-Mix TG2

Reduce blending time and process consistently smooth and delicious frozen drinks with the NEW Vita-Mix T&G 2! Fast, when timing is everything – blends drinks 1/3 faster with the innovative XP (Extreme Performance) blade and a new, wider 32 oz. / 0.9 L container which work together to blend drinks in record time. With T&G2’s easy-to-use touch pad, operators can quickly and easily access 34 ready-to-go blending programs for a variety of frozen drinks – from smoothies and frozen coffees to ice cream drinks, shakes and frozen cocktails. Quiet, too – designed with special sound reduction features including a removable hinged cover. Bring on your biggest challenges and watch the T&G2 go to work!
Junction Xervices™

Drink Machine Advance

The Drink Machine Advance is optimized for quiet operation and outstanding performance. Pre-set programs eliminate guesswork to make the perfect drink, every time; a pulse switch to easily refresh any drink any time! From fruit smoothies to thick shakes, the Drink Machine Advance blends them perfectly.Advantage:Vita-Mix®.
Junction Xervices™

AC106 Self Contained Ice Machine (up to 50 Kg)

Scotsman has revolutionized the ice maker, to provide state-of-the art dimensional and operational features. Today with its new aesthetics you may proudly display your ice maker. At the same time, the reduced dimensions allow you to place it under the counter or wherever you prefer, with the utmost freedom even with water drain constraints. Daily production and storage capacity have been optimized in relation to overall dimensions, while innovative features create and allow the maintenance of the highest food safety standards.
Junction Xervices™

MV606 MV Cube Ice Machines(up to 320 Kg)

Scotsman modular Dice Ice Cuber (can be stacked on top of another modular ice maker), stainless steel finish
Junction Xervices™

Basic 15

  • TEMPERATURE (with core probe) SOFT or HARD blast chilling cycle;
  • TEMPERATURE (with core probe), SOFT or HARD blast chilling cycle and manual set of the cycle final temperature;
  • TIME SOFT or HARD blast chilling cycle;
  • TEMPERATURE (with core probe) HARD blast freezing cycle;
  • TEMPERATURE (with core probe) HARD blast freezing cycle and manual set of the cycle final temperature;
  • TIME HARD blast freezing cycle;
  • Thawing out cycle (SRC)
Junction Xervices™


PastryShow - not just a showcase for pastries, but the pastry showcase that perfectly enchance the food appeal of the products displayed. PastryShow concentrates technology, style and innovation into a design that will definitely make all the difference inside a shop.
Junction Xervices™

Modello. 16 Millennium sp

The New Millennium SP is an ice cream showcase with a strong identity, a perfect balance of high-tech solutions, a sophisticated, ergonomic design with highquality fittings, functional optimization of space and great versatility.
Junction Xervices™

Modello. 16 Millennium sp

  • Shelves in stainless steel adjustable in height
  • Panoramic end panels
  • Heat low emission lighting system
  • Removable front grid for inspection
  • Ventilated refrigeration
  • Electric automatic defrosting
  • Unidirectional castors
Junction Xervices™

FX4HC/FX4HF/FX4HCF Refrigerator

  • Evaporation tray
  • Drain inside the cabinet
  • Exterior/Interior stainless steel
  • Export standards packing (Wooden and wrapped package)
  • Easy control of digital temperature
  • Optional choice (glass door)
  • Auto Defrost System
Junction Xervices™

FX2CC12/FX2CC15 Table Refrigeration

  • Continuous supply of the adequate freshness at a suitable level of temperature
  • Simple installation
  • Shelf with adjustable height
  • Spring loaded door